New Arrival & Updates

A nice 541 has arrived for a little recommissioning work. Meanwhile progress continues on all other projects.

The Brown MK111 Interceptor now has all the rusty metalwork replaced and is being prepped for paint.

FF133 now has a new rear n/s quarter, rear valances and sill covers fitted. I believe the old rear quarter was cut off about 20 years ago so its nice to see the metalwork nearly finished on this car.

FF029 is now running with the engine started for the first time in 30 years, and briefly moved under its own power. This car has had extensive mechanical work including fully rebuild steering and suspension, brakes and fuel system including S/S fuel tank, new pipework and carb. The old radiator has been replaced with a new aluminium radiator powder coated Black to keep the car looking original and a new engine bay wiring loom. Along with lots of other small jobs this car will be mechanically sound for years to come.

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