A LHD car originally shipped to California and sent to us by its current owner in Spain, the car is 100% rust free and had no signs of repair although a previous owner had carried out extensive modifications that we will be putting back to standard, these include highly modified inner wings and front valance, modified bulkhead and heater/ a/c, homemade wiring loom with fusebox flushed into inner wing and much more.

The engine bay and interior have been stripped and the panel work has been completed which included 2 new inner wings plus many other handmade sections and brackets which are not available new, also replacement of the modified front valance which also required replacement of the front sections of the wings as these had been modified too. Once this work was complete the front end of the car was repainted to match the rest of the car and the engine bay was returned to its factory finish.

We have now started to build the car back up with a complete new wiring loom and original fusebox.

The car is also having the engine rebuilt, it arrived to us as a non runner having being rebuilt but damaged on first fire up, when dismantled and checked we found bent pushrods, a camshaft with one lobe and lifter completely destroyed along with wear to the mains and big end bearings due to the metal in the oil from the camshaft wear. The engine has now been machined and is waiting on new parts to arrive before being rebuilt in house and bedded in correctly on our engine test rig.

The car is now well on the way to its first fire up with the engine almost finished and the engine bay ready for it to be dropped in. Most of the interior has been refitted along with a new set of carpets and a new 8 track.