SP recommissioned and refreshed

After spending the last 6 months with us a Jensen SP was today returned to its owner. The car bought at an auction last year has been with us for checking over and some mechanical repairs alongside some major electrical repairs and an interior refresh.

It was also treated to a pair of bumpers, new mirrors and the removal of some non standard modifications.

As is often the case the list of jobs kept growing but the car should now be reliable and safe for its new owner to enjoy. This has now freed up some workshop space which will allow us to get on with the MK1 Interceptor which should be reunited with its rebuilt engine very soon and carry on with a large recommission of a CV-8 which has been stood for the last 20 years and is need of much work to the engine, brakes and fuel system.

Once we get through some of this work then the next 2 cars in the queue will arrive one for a full restoration and the other for a full mechanical restoration.

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