MK11 Interceptor Progress

After lots of cleaning and painting the MK11 Interceptor looks a lot better underneath. All the underseal has been removed and the metal cleaned up before 2 coats of POR15 and 2 coats of 3M stonechip have been applied.

This will keep the underside looking good for many years to come and the stonechip will be finished in body colour.

MK11 Interceptor
MK11 Interceptor

Also since the last blog the 541R has been completed and returned to the customer. Work continues on the Brown MK3 Interceptor with the body soon to be in Primer and the Interior being refurbished.

Welding work is carrying on FF182 and FF133 now has all good metalwork and is having the epoxy primer that was put on 20 years ago removed and recoated with a protective paint whilst the underneath and engine bay are cleaned and painted, then the front and rear suspension rebuilt so it is a good rolling shell before going to the painters to be refinished in its original colour of Stratosphere Blue.

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