FF 182 Progress

FF182 has not made any progress for a while as the customer decided not to continue with the project. Oily Rag Classics have now purchased the car and we are continuing with the restoration.

This car is available to purchase from us as a bespoke restoration project, with the new owner able to decide on the final specification. We will carry on with the restoration in the mean time.

The car has been stripped underneath and in the engine bay and has been painted underneath and a stone chip finish in the engine bay to closely resemble the factory finish. This will be painted black when the body is painted.

The front suspension cage has been refitted with the front diff and the rear springs and axle are also back on the car. It’s great to see some progress with this car after sitting in the corner of the workshop for so long.

Clean engine bay with suspension cage and front diff refitted
Underneath cleaned and painted with axle and springs refitted.

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